Antifriction silumin

Sector: Casting materials
Price: Contract Price
Minimum Order: Единичное и мелкосерийное производство
Full Product Information:
The Institute has developed and patented (Patent BY 17697, RU 2504595) antifriction silumin (AS) – a new, relatively light-weight and wear-resistant aluminum-base alloy with high mechanical and tribotechnical properties. It is destined for replace of bronze, brasses and babbits in the production of details working in conditions of sliding friction. Details of antifriction silumin excel of bronze by mechanical properties and wear resistance is 2–6 times. Special thermal treatment of billets on the accelerated mode provides get globular crystals of silicon and increases the mechanical and tribotechnical properties of the details. AS has high corrosion resistance and low-sensitivity to oil, gas condensate, gasoline, kerosene, water and atmospheric pollutants. AS is not applicable to alkaline medium, hydrochloric and sulfuric acids.

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