Sector: Feed additives
Price: 23 USD
Minimum Order: 20 l
Packaging: ПЭТ канистра
Full Product Information:
Feed supplement to promote digestibility and nutritive value of fodder, to normalize metabolic processes and raise productivity of broilers. Efficiency of action: Incrifos supply enhances average daily liveweight gains of chicken by 7-29%, increases head survival rate by 1-3%, activates phosphorus protein and mineral turnover, normalizes digestion, raises the ratio of lacto- and bifidobacteria in gastrointestinal microbiota. Application guidelines: The additive is introduced into broiler rations in amount 0.5-1.5 g / 1 kg of feed concentrate. Ecological benefits: There are no limitations as to the slaughtering period and consumption of derived products after broiler ration upgrading with enzymatic feed supplement. Incrifos improves local ecological status of the region. Active ingredients: Enzyme phytase synthesized by recombinant bacterial strain Bacillus amyloliquefaciens. Principle of action: Phytase catalyzes hydrolysis of hardly digestible phytin and its complexes with organic and mineral compounds and promotes assimilation of fodder nutrients. Preparative form: Liquid Terms of storage: 6 months at temperature range 0 to +12°C in original fabrication package stored in closed container at warehouse facilities.

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