Bilavet, Bilavet-C

Sector: Feed additives
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Full Product Information:
Probiotic Bilavet as an alternative to feed antibiotics. Application areas: livestock breeding, aviculture, veterinary practice. Purpose: Bilavet is aimed at prevention and treatment of gastrointestinal pathologies in young farm stock and poultry, restoration of normal gut microbiota, activation of redox and metabolic processes in the body. Bilavet composition: living active cells(at least 10.108 per 1 cm3) and metabolites of bifido-and lactic acid bacteria(organic acids, aminoacids, vitamins, oligo-and polysaccharides). Bilavet efficiency: probiotic ensures reduction in disease incidence by 40-45% with concurrent rise in viability of farm younglings, shortening of pathogenic cycle for 3-4 days. Prophylactic-therapeutic efficiency of Bilavet ranges from 80 to 90% depending on animal species. Mechanism of action: preventive-curative effect of probiotic Bilavet is determined by: - antagonistic action of bifido-and lactic acid bacteria towards putrefactive pathogenic microbial species in gastrointestinal tract - formation of normal gut microbiota - improved digestibility of fodder, involvement of bacteria in metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, in regulation of water-salt exchange, pH maintenance in intestine, deconjugation of bile acids, synthesis of vitamins(thiamine, riboflavin, nicotinic, pantothenic, folic acids, pyridoxine), amines and other bioactive agents in animal body - regulation of immune status resulting in increased immune response and natural resistance. Bilavet benefits: the product is not toxic and eco-friendly. It contains highly active strains of probiotic microorganisms. Bilavet does not affect quality of meat and dairy products. In contrast to antibiotics and chemicals, it is intended for long-term use. Bilavet is not inferior to imported analogs in therapeutic efficiency and exceeds them in terms of storage and application costs. Manufactured form: liquid with friable sediment precipitated in the course of storage. Terms of storage: 6 months at temperature range 00C to +80C, 1.5 months at temperatures +80C to +200C. Probiotic product Bilavet-C as an alternative to feed antibiotics. Application area: farm stock breeding, veterinary practice. Purpose: prevention of gastrointestinal diseases in young cattle, treatment of animals suffering from various gut pathologies(disbacteriosis, enteritis, diarrhea of bacterial origin, intoxication). It is supplied perorally as a part of milk(colostrum) diet. Composition: freeze-dried cultures of bifidobacteria and lactic acid bacteria. Viable microbial cell titer in the product is at least 1-1010 per gram. Bilavet C efficiency: Introduction of probiotic into rations of calves during first 6 postnatal days brings down the rate of gastrointestinal infections by 91.6%, decreases mortality rate by 3.2-4.5 times, reduces duration of pathology by 3-4 days, raises productivity and immunobiological status of test animals. There are no counter-indications to Bilavet application. Mechanism of action: Bifido-and lactic acid bacteria – probiotic constituents are distinguished by elevated growth rate, bile resistance and acid tolerance. They display high antagonistic activity towards pathogenic microorganisms of genera Salmonella, Klebsiella, Proteus, Pateurella, Staphylococcus, Streptococcus and E.coli responsible for gut disorders in farm stock and thereby normalize intestinal microflora. Microbial components activate redox and metabolic processes, stimulate synthesis of cellular and humoral factors determining non-specific and immune resistance of macrobody. They promote recovery of gut microbiota affected by intake of antibiotics and other antibacterial drugs. Bilavet C benefits: the product is not toxic and eco-safe. It contains highly active strains of probiotic microorganisms. Bilavet C does not deteriorate quality of meat and dairy foodstuffs. Unlike antibiotics and chemical drugs, it may be administered for long-term therapy courses. Bilavet C matches best foreign analogs in medical efficiency and even exceeds them in terms of storage and application costs. Commodity form: dry bacterial powder of white to light beige color. Terms of storage: 12 months since date of fabrication. Bilavet C should be kept in dry shady place at temperatures +20C to +100C.

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