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Prophylactic-therapeutic feed premix for farm stock. Properties and benefits: Cordycehol is a prophylactic-therapeutic feed additive to stimulate growth and development of farm stock. The product fosters immune system and adaptation potential of reared animals, raises antioxidant activity, native resistance and immuno-biological reactivity of young organism. Introduction of Cordycehol into feed rations of cattle and swine promotes normalization of protein conversion, activation of metabolic processes, functional recovery of liver and kidneys, digestion of mineral substances, assimilation of feed nitrogen. Biological efficiency of Cordycehol is determined by a complex of bioactive constituents; polysaccharides, nucleoside derivatives, antioxidants, essential amino acids, unsaturated fatty acids, phospholipids, vitamins, micro- and macroelements. Efficiency of action: Cordycehol supply into piglet diet results in extra 6.6% live weight gain, 16.5% reduction of fodder expenses per 1 kg increment of body mass, 4.4% enhanced efficiency of fodder conversion. Cordycehol addition to cattle rations raises live weight parameters by 1.6% over the control values, saved fodder expenses per unit mass yield by 1.4%, increased feed conversion efficiency by 0.54% Application guidelines: Cordycehol is fed to animals per orally before or after nutrition once a day during 1 month. Product dosage: for piglets ( sucklings and weanlings). 30 ml / 1 head for fattening swine, gestating and lactating sows. 60 ml / 1 capita for cattle 60 ml / 1 capita Ecological benefits: Cordycehol is a safe product requiring no special precautions for human and animal protection. Side effects, counterindications and complications have not been revealed during application trials. Slaughtering is authorized irrespective of the time elapsed since the latest product feeding. Cordycehol addition will not impose any restraints on alimentary use of farm stock products. It is compatible with diverse drugs and feed supplements. Active ingredients: Inactivated cultural liquid with mycelium of fungus Cordyceps militaris containing lactic acid – 2%, dry solids – at least 0.4%, total carbohydrates – 1%, polysaccharides – 0.05%. Principle of action: Cordycehol activity is mainly accounted for by immunomodulating polysaccharides stimulating immune cells, increasing production of cytokines, interferon and by nucleoside derivatives: cordycepin and didesoxyadenosine. Cordycepin is a structural analog of adenosine showing marked antiviral potential. Preparative form: Suspension with sedimented mycelium distinguished by light to dark brown color and specific odor. Terms of storage: 3 months since date of fabrication in dry shady place at temperature range +3 to +6°C.

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