Metronidazole, solution for infusion 5 mg / ml

Sector: Pharmaceuticals
Price: Contract Price
Packaging: 100 ml in PVC containers, in Magiflex containers.100 ml in polyethylene bottles "Bottlepack". 100 bottles in glass bottles
Terms of Delivery: FCA (Incoterms 2010)
Full Product Information:
Metronidazole is an effective antiprotozoal and antibacterial agent of a wide spectrum of action. Indications for use. A solution of metronidazole 5 mg / ml for infusions is indicated for the treatment of infectious and inflammatory diseases that are caused by sensitive anaerobic microorganisms: infections of the abdominal cavity (including peritonitis, abscesses of the abdominal cavity and liver); infections of the pelvic organs (including endometritis, abscesses of the ovaries and fallopian tubes, postoperative complications); infections of the lower respiratory tract (including pneumonia, pleural empyema, lung abscess); infections of the skin, bones; sepsis; endocarditis; infection of the central nervous system (including meningitis, cerebral abscess).

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