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It’s good when there are true friends in the world! And There's nothing wrong with trying to help they sometimes do not observe the rules of safe behavior on the railroad, but it is pardonable them, in fact, they are just dogs. Two dogs, Fluffy and Spot, adore their little owner – boy Andrey. They discover once, that he left a school satchel at home. They leave after the little owner. In a trip on a train they are waited by quite a bit adventures, but all will make off well. Together with Andrey and his four-legged friends the little readers know how a train was invented, on what locality lay railway ways, how building of railhead influences on development of city, what is that means to be a railroader and where future machinists and other specialists of railway transport can get a profession. Young readers will accomplish an enthralling virtual excursion in the museum of railway, will know the extent of the Belarussian railway (in Korea this information can be replaced by analogical), will get much interesting information about history of development of railways, and, maybe, will choose their future profession. And yet, guys will be able to unriddle "Machinist’s Cross-word", find answers for the questions of "The Quiz of traveller", will master the rules of safe behavior on railway and during a journey, and also independently will paint the train of the dream. Bright illustrations will help children to master and fasten knowledge.

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