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Every child every day walks about different roads. He goes to kindergarten, to school, on an excursion or for a walk. And for what does a man need roads? What is a "travelling book" and what unusual pages in it? Why is it important to be able to read sign-boards and follow them? About it this small and well illustrated book tells in an artistic form. Fairy-tale and not very fairy-tale histories narrate what can happen to the gifts, if from the pranks of boys Ded Moroz (Santa) will not find a necessary travelling pointer, about how one pointer can change life of whole city, that even to the road it can be badly and why roads look like people. After reading this book, little readers will understand why sign-boards are so important, what travelling safety rules exist, and know what needs to be done to the child, if he will see the broken or falling down sign-board. Guys will become acquainted with the map of highways of Belarus, will count up the extent of the Belarussian highways (after assignment of rights our Korean partners can change this information on analogical Korean), will know, how travelling technique developed and what roads were before. Wonderful illustrations will help children to make friends with pointers and sign-boards, and a board game, cross-word and quiz, will allow in a playing form to fasten gain knowledge.

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