Pulsed ultraviolet Nd:YAG laser IFL-N315-UV

Sector: Industry Laser Equipment
Price: Contract Price
Minimum Order: 1
Packaging: On request
Full Product Information:
The working wavelength is 266 nm, the energy of the output pulse is 3 mJ, the pulse repetition frequency is 15 Hz, the pulse duration is up to 8 ns, air cooling, built-in power supply, dimensions 395 × 215 × 105 mm.

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Laser visualizers are designed for conversion of invisible near IR and UV radiation of pulsed and CW lasers in visible spectral range.
Specifications: Dopant concentration: 3-10 atm.% Orientation: [010] Dimensional tolerances (mm): dia.: +0,0/-0,05 length: +0,0мм/- 0,10