Fuel chips

Sector: Biofuel
Price: 24 EUR
Minimum Order: 28 m3; 22 тонны
Packaging: without package
Terms of Delivery: DAF border Belarus
Full Product Information:
Granulation: length 5-50 mm, thickness not more than 30 mm Moisture - freshly churned about 40% -45% Ash content - no more than 3% The lowest heat of combustion is not less than 10,200 kJ / kg Used as biofuel for heating, production of fiberboard, chipboard, wood pellets. Loading in the car - 78 m3. Coefficients of conversion from stock to dense - 0.36 for mechanical loading, when loading with a chopper into the car - 0.41. The conversion factor from dense m3 to mass (t) is approximately 0.8. Delivery on the Belarusian territory is carried out in wagons of wide gauge 1520 mm. From the border of the Republic of Belarus payment is made by the Buyer.

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