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Forklift is a lift-and-carry multifunctional self-propelled machine which is designed for loading, transporting cargoes for short distances and unloading of various cargoes at warehouses, emporia, factories, railway stations, airports, sea and river harbors.Forklift carries out cargo engagement, its transportation, elevation and stacking. The main machine attachment is forks. Forklifts are divided into 2 major types: equipped with combustion engines and equipped with electric motors which are fueled from batteries, in other words electric forklifts. Selection of forklift depends on work conditions. It’s important to know whether the machine will work only in doors or at the street. Customer should take into account surface, operations, durability, etc. Forklifts can be used twenty-four-hour without any stops and suits to intense work. But they can’t work in closed spaces with low ceiling and poor ventilation. Exhaust is harmful for warehouse staff. According to the fuel type forklifts are: gas; gas-petrol; petrol; diesel. Today the most popular forklifts are forklifts with diesel engines and hydromechanical transmission. Inside the building it’s better to use electric forklifts. They don’t evolve exhaust. It means that they are safe for people and almost noiseless. They feet less to the intense work because of periodic charge necessity. And it’s better to use attached forklift. According to mast forklifts are: duplex; triplex. As all road construction machinery, Amkodor holding loaders are manufactured and tested with the help of high-quality equipment and modern technologies. It warrants high quality and reliability of the machines. Buying Amkodor forklift you should ask the holding specialists about specifications of selected model. Our specialists will describe you all model’s options in details.

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