Unitess Ambient - wireless, scalable indoor climate monitoring system

Sector: Control & Measuring Instruments
Price: from 400 to 480 USD
Minimum Order: 1
Full Product Information:
Monitoring parameters: temperature; humidity; atmospheric pressure; others on request. UNITESS AMBIENT provides you with 24/7 monitoring and recording of environmental conditions. The system alerts you with the instant notifications about any potential threats. Ideal for both light and heavy industrial environments. Key Features: Monitoring of temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure; ISM radio band (Industrial, Scientific and Medical) up to 3 km; Battery life cycle up to 3 years; High accuracy: ± 0.3 OC, ± 3 % RH (relative humidity), ± 0.2 kPa; Normalized degradation of accuracy at the interval of 10 years; Database for archiving and analysis; Installation without construction works; Does not require Internet or Wi-Fi.

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