SZ-01 Test center for of analysis of complex engineering systems

Sector: Control & Measuring Instruments
Price: Contract Price
Minimum Order: 1
Packaging: box
Full Product Information:
Center SZ-01 relates to Hi-Tech products according to the criteria of novelty and efficiency. Main advantages: • single testing unit implements tests on mechanical fatigue, rolling friction (contact fatigue), sliding friction (friction fatigue), mechano-rolling fatigue (rolling friction ↔ mechanical fatigue), mechano-sliding fatigue (sliding friction ↔ mechanical fatigue), fretting-fatigue; • complete unification of the sizes of all tested objects; • high accuracy measurements of integral and local (at 8 points along the perimeter of the shaft for one revolution) characteristics of friction, wear, displacements, etc. • software control and automation of standard and accelerated test methods, registration of measured parameters and primary statistical processing of experimental data sets. Commercial offer Conclusion of contracts for • testing materials on mechanical fatigue, friction and wear at SZ-01 experimental center; • modeling and analysis of complex engineering systems; • production of SZ-01 center in accordance with customer requirements.

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