VOR/DME Radio Navigation Aids

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COMPONENTS CVOR 431 conventional very high frequency omnidirection radio range; DME 435 distance measuring equipment; remote control and status equipment (RCSE). ADVANTAGES The equipment can be supplied both as a single or dual set with a maximum output power of 50 W or 100 W (for CVOR) and 100 W or 1000 W (for DME). The advanced technology fully meets ICAO requirements. The VOR antenna has a reduced blind area and a higher efficiency, providing better airspace coverage and higher navigation accuracy for the holding area. The equipment provides high quality and long-term stability of radiated signals, as well as real-time signal monitoring. The BIT system provides automatic check of the equipment and estimation of parameter variation trends. The VOR/DME can be remotely controlled at any distances over telephone communication lines with manual or automatic dialling.

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