Sector: Food & Beverage Machinery
Price: Contract Price
Packaging: гофрокартон
Terms of Delivery: по результатам переговоров
Full Product Information:
MT-60 dough mixer with two-speed motor is designed for intensive mixing of yeast and stiff dough. It can be applied in small baking factories, pastry shops and in public catering facilities. First speed is used for dough ingredients mixing (preventing flour from dusting). The second speed (increased) is used for intensive kneading of any dough at moisture content of 39-54%. Two-speed motor allows increasing machine’s capacity in comparison with similar machines made by other manufacturers. The machine is manufactured in “У” climatic modification (moderate climate) and placement category 3 (enclosed rooms with natural ventilation) as per GOST 15150-69 for operation at temperatures from +1°С to +40°С. The mixer is equipped with raisable head with kneading tool. MT-60 dough mixer is manufactured in accordance with the requirements of STB ISO 9001-2015. It is compliant with Customs Union Declaration of Conformity, the Certificate of Conformity to Directives of the European Union – CE and with the DECLARATION ON CONFORMITY OF PRODUCTS TO THE REQUIREMENTS OF TECHNICAL REGULATIONS.

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