Sector: Food & Beverage Machinery
Price: Contract Price
Packaging: гофрокартон
Terms of Delivery: по результатам переговоров
Full Product Information:
Planetary Mixer MP-10 is designed for kneading dough of different consistency at shops for baking bread, pizza, cookies, pastries, cakes; mixing paste, puree, mayonnaise, sauce, and other food mixtures; whipping cream, ice-cream, custard; mixing mince, etc. at catering enterprises and other entities of food production. Mixer is equipped with three devices which are easy to mount: whisk, beater and hook, which allow beating, mixing and kneading any food product. Automatic speed regulator allows setting speed of the device rotation for different types of kneading. Removable bowl and quick change and installation of the device allows to reduce the time of operator`s work. Easy to clean bottom of the mixer is painted with scratch-resistant paint. All the parts in contact with food are made of stainless steel. Desktop version.

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