SGD4 Diaphragm Gas Meter

Sector: Gas Equipment
Price: Contract Price
Full Product Information:
Diaphragm gas meters (hereinafter referred to as the Gas Meters) are designated for measuring the used quantity of natural gas per state standard GOST 5542-2014, vapors of liquefied petroleum gas per state standard STB 2262-2012 and other compatible gases being used for household or manufacturing needs. Application area: community, recreational and service facilities, residential buildings. The Gas Meter consists of two chambers which internal cavities are separated by the gas-tight diaphragms. The diaphragms move due to difference in gas pressure at input and output of the Gas Meter and rotate the counting device located on the front panel of the Gas Meter. The Gas Meters are divided by: Gas flow direction: left, right; Rated flow: 1.6 – rated flow of dimension type G1.6; 2.5 – rated flow of dimension type G2.5; 4 – rated flow of G4 dimension type U – universal Distance between the axes of fittings: 110 mm Cyclic volume: 1.2dm3/turn Fittings thread: G11/4 Availability of the compensation device which corrects the readings of the counting device depending on the temperature of transmitted gas: -without the compensation device; -T – with the thermal compensator. Availability of additional devices: -I – with pulse output; -R – with wireless data transmission channel. SGD4-x-x-X X I, SGD4-x-x-X X R modifications of the Gas Meters may be integrated into the united system of automatic information collection and processing.

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