Gum Damar

Sector: Other Agricultural Products
Price: 950 USD
Minimum Order: 10MT
Packaging: nett. 25kg PP woven bag.
Terms of Delivery: FOB Indonesia
Full Product Information:
Dear Sir/Madam, (HS 130190) We would like to offer: gum damar. Gum damar is different with gum rosin or gum turpentine. Gum damar is the dried exudation obtained primarily from the stems of damar tree (Shorea Javanica). After the bark of the tree is cut, gum exudates naturally in 2-4 weeks. Damar resin occurs in irregular lumps. They have a white, powdery surface, when broken disclose a clear inner of pale yellow color. The lumps break and crush easily. This natural resin is widely use in various industries, including: adhesive, ink printing, varnish, lacquer, etc.. Packaging: nett. 25kg in PP woven bag with inner liner. Product of Indonesia. Gum Rosin (WW or WG quality) and Gum Turpentine (Pinus Merkusii) also available. For any interested parties, pls kindly contact for further details.

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