Planing thicknessing machine BELMASH SDR-2200

Sector: Machine Tool Equipment
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Full Product Information:
BELMASH SDR-2200 is a brand-new model of 2018! This type of machine is very popular among European customers. SDR-2200 planer thicknesser is another BELMASH machine with thicknessing with automatic feeding. A distinctive feature is a very fast, simple and convenient change of operations. Functions: - thicknessing with automatic - feeding; - planing; - angle planing. Safety. For safety reasons SDR machine is equipped with a locking device — you can’t work without a dust collector housing on. At the same time the dust collector housing covers the cutterblock while thicknessing. Material. Main metal parts are made of 2.5 mm steel, that makes the construction solid, tough and rigid. Switch. On/off button is located on a special console that can be moved into different sides to help easily switch machine off during any operation. Work mode change. You can switch from one operation to another very fast. Much faster than in other machines! Thicknessing with automatic feeding Cutterblock. BELMASH cutterblock is made of steel and has 3 removable 270 mm planer knives. Each blade is fixed to the cutterblock by five M6 screws.

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