Emergency Service Call Device

Sector: Navigation Systems
Price: Contract Price
Minimum Order: 1 pcs.
Packaging: Carton box
Terms of Delivery: According to the contract
Full Product Information:
APPLICATION The device is designed for emergency response to road accidents and calling of emergency services. COMPOSITION - communication navigation terminal; - user interface module; - speaker unit; - trip relay of sound reproducer; - GPS-GLONASS antenna; - GSM antenna. Features & Benefits - emergency calls in case of road accidents are made automatically (in response to a signal from the acceleration indicator included into the terminal) or manually (when the “Emergency call” button of the user interface module is pressed); - during emergency calls a minimal data set is transmitted: location, registration number, class of vehicle, etc. - after a voice call with the operator is established, the device transmits data of the vehicle acceleration in three axes in the following moments: 20 seconds before and 10 seconds after the accident; - vehicle positioning is performed via GLONASS and GPS satellite navigation systems.

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