Vandal-proof small-sized lamp

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The lamp is a new series of vandal-proof small-sized wall lighting devices with improved aesthetics, specially designed for lighting both indoors and outside – where maximum protection from water, humidity, dust and vandalism (hooligans) is required. FBU series, NBU (8164) F-light source (compact (energy-saving) fluorescent lamp) H-light source (General-purpose incandescent lamp) B-installation method (wall-mounted) U-designed for outdoor lighting Anti-vandal lamps are resistant to mechanical damage, impact with various hard objects. The lamp body is made by stamping of steel sheet coated with powder enamel, and the ring is made by injection molding of aluminum alloy (options 00-03) or by stamping (options 04-07), which allows you to achieve maximum strength. The lamp diffuser is made of impact-resistant polycarbonate that is resistant to UV rays. The degree of protection of the lamp is IP 65. It is indispensable for lighting gardens, boulevards, pedestrian crossings, terraces, porticos, swimming pools, showers and bathrooms, baths (FBU), toilets, etc. A high level of illumination is provided by the front and side light distribution, which is provided by the original design of the lamp. Traditional incandescent lamps or energy-saving compact fluorescent lamps are used in luminaires. The use of a compact fluorescent lamp in lamps can reduce energy consumption by 4-5 times compared to an incandescent lamp of similar brightness, while increasing the service life by 8-10 times. The lamp features a modern design, organic embeddability in any environment. The lamps have certificates of conformity.

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