Sleeping bag KAMISA BK-70

Sector: Goods for Tourism
Price: 11.04 EUR
Full Product Information:
KAMISA sleeping bag - FOR AN ACTIVE LIFE, the “blanket” design is ideal for simple hiking trips and outdoor recreation. The top made of polyester protects against external mechanical influences, the inner lining of 100% cotton is great for direct contact with the body. A heat-insulated bulk fabric with a density of 250 g / m2 is used as insulation. Sleeping bags are classified into 3 types (article BK - "without a hood", article SP - "with a headrest", arikul SK - "with a hood"). The width of sleeping bags is from 70 cm to 90 cm, the length is 205 cm (article of BC) and 218 cm (articles of SP and SK).

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