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Quilted blanket KAMISA-BAMBOO ODN.B-140

Sector: Home Textile
Price: 23.29 EUR
Full Product Information:
For the production of KAMISA blankets - EXCLUSIVE with bamboo fiber, sateen (jacquard) is used. According to the density of the filler, the blankets of this group correspond to normal (ODN) - 300 g / m2 and are presented in four sizes: ODN.B-140 / 205x140 cm; ODN.B-150 / 205x150 cm; ODN.B-172 / 205x172 cm; ODN.B-200 / 220x200 cm. The natural antibacterial properties of bamboo have proven themselves in home textiles. Its fibers are durable and strong, while they have extraordinary softness and tenderness. Blankets with this natural filler have a number of important consumer qualities that distinguish it from others: - does not cause allergies; - It has natural antibacterial and deodorizing properties; - perfectly absorbs moisture and odors, has good breathability; - does not accumulate static electricity and does not attract dust; - has the ability to thermoregulate, maintains an excellent microclimate; - does not create an environment for the propagation of parasites; - сreates a feeling of comfort and lightness.

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