Bed "Hans" 1400х2000

Sector: Wood Furniture
Price: 137.23 EUR
Minimum Order: 25
Packaging: Паллетирование,гофрокартон
Terms of Delivery: FCA,EXW
Full Product Information:
In the design of the Hans bed, the traditional forms of a classic "Scandinavian" place to sleep appeared. The backs at the head and foot are almost the same height, but this does not spoil the appearance, but rather emphasizes the solidity and strength of the bed. It is made of bars that are not specifically selected according to the drawing. In addition, natural wood is impregnated exclusively with stain oil, which protects it from moisture, UV radiation and various contaminants. The cleanliness of the lines and materials must be maintained by the cleanliness of the room: this is easy to achieve thanks to the height of the legs of the bed, which allows wet cleaning without difficulty. The bed is perfect for both country houses and city apartments. Hans bed features The bed can be understaffed with linen drawers, which is very convenient for storing things, and can also serve as a replacement for a chest of drawers or in addition to it. Eco-friendly finish: natural oak is only saturated with pepper oil. Solid oak - the whole product.

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