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The whip antenna ASH-4 ИВ2.099.149Сп is intended for operation with transceiver radio devices as a part of mobile objects under the conditions of exposure to atmospheric precipitation, dust, splashes, temperature from +50°С to - 50℃, humidity up to 98% at a temperature not exceeding +40°С, with transmitter power in the transmitting mode not exceeding 300W, at a frequency range from 2 to 80MHz. Net weight of the antenna does not exceed 4 kg. Packing box size is 1154 х 188 х 180 mm. The antenna ASH–4 consists of the metal whips made of steel tubes, interconnected with the antenna absorber by means of bayonet locks. Bayonet connection is made by setting down one whip into the other, followed by pressing the whip spring and turning until tight. To protect bayonet connection of the absorber installed at the site, when rods are removed, cover cap is used which is a part of the mounting kit. The cover cap is a plastic cap put on the top of the absorber.

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