Modern Visco

Sector: Orthopedic Mattresses
Price: 113.6 USD
Minimum Order: FCL (full container load)
Packaging: rolled mattress in cardboard box
Terms of Delivery: FCA-Brest
Full Product Information:
MSA-Brand mattress. Height: 23 cm Firmness: Soft**(H2) / Medium*** (H3) - Medizone R2200 — advanced 7-zone pocket spring unit which keeps the spine in correct anatomic position and provides perfect relaxation - Tricover System – internal protective cover to prolong mattress lifespan - Sleap&Clean - zipper from all sides helps to handle and clean the mattress cover easily - 4-valve ventilation — for air circulation so that the mattress could breathe - Knitted cover with high cotton content - Visco Foam — hi-tech material with shape memory, which provides the feeling of weightlessness OEKO-Tex certification.

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