Cheese "Slivochny", 50%

Sector: Dairy Products
Price: 5.2 USD
Packaging: Фасованный под вакуумом, 5-6 кг в транспортной таре.
Terms of Delivery: FCA
Has Halal Certificate: Russia
Full Product Information:
Mass fraction of fat in dry matter 50% Cheese belongs to the group of hard rennet cheeses of high fat content with a low temperature of the second heating, with an increased level of lactic acid process. Cheese is produced from normalized pasteurized cow's milk by adding a milk-converting enzyme, bacterial starter culture, salt, followed by processing and maturation. Taste and smell cheesy, delicate taste of sweet milk mild and very creamy taste with the aroma of butter and cream, the consistency is tender, homogeneous throughout the mass, literally melts in the mouth. On the cut of the cheese, the eyes are irregularly shaped, evenly spaced over the entire mass of the cheese. Cheese will be preferred by those who like cheese with a pronounced cheesy, non-spicy taste. Cheese is great in its natural form, and can also be used in the preparation of cheese dishes. The nutritional value of cheese is due to the high concentration of milk protein and fat in it, the presence of the necessary free amino acids, carbonial compounds of vitamins A1, B2, mineral salts and trace elements: fat-28.5 g, protein-23.5 g. Energy value – 351kcal. Packed in 2 heads in a transport cardboard container.

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