Sector: Auto Engine
Price: Contract Price
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Number of cylinders 4 Swept Volume, l 4,75 Power Rating Stand By, kW 79,0 Operational power kW 76,0 Rated Speed min-1 2000 Rotational speed at maximum torque, Nm/min-1 392,0/1400 Weight, kg 430 For installation on tractors of class 1.4 on tractors of the Belarus - 1005, Belarus - 1025 series and their modifications.

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Completeness: 1st completeness Warranty: 12 months. Note: without oil.
Number of cylinders…2 Swept Volume,l…1.07 Rated Power, hp… 19 Maximum torque speed, H∙m…52 Rotational speed at maximum torque, min-1…1700-2100 Environmental safety class…Stage 2 Weight,kg…170 Overall ...
Number of cylinders…4 Swept Volume,l…2.12 Power Rating Stand By,kW … 53| Rotational speed at maximum torque, min-1…2800 Specific fuel consumption at long (nominal) power, t/kW∙h 250 Environmental safe...