Industrial Accelerometer ATS-3D

Sector: Sensors
Price: from 260 to 390 USD
Full Product Information:
The ATS-3D industrial accelerometer is designed to measure projections of absolute linear acceleration, as well as to control the temperature of the bodies of mechanisms and machines on which it is installed. The PassatInnovation accelerometer measures linear acceleration in three axes. Besides, ATS-3D accelerometers do not require a secondary converter for signal processing. Data is transmitted in RS485 format using the Modbus RTU data transfer protocol. The accelerometer is based on a microcontroller, that allows receiving data from detector elements of temperature and linear acceleration measurements, calculate data, record, store and transmit it, as well as store settings in non-volatile memory. Structurally, it is made in the form of a monoblock with a connection cable for external connections. PassatInnovations, LLC supplies accelerometers to the customer pre-configured according to the ordered data. The probe is polled using the Modbus RTU protocol. Work with the sensor is carried out using any Modbus-compatible device. The customer can make changes to the accelerometer settings according to the provided tuning methodology. To configure the device, you must use the RS-485 interface converter and service software for the accelerometer or any software that allows the exchange of data using the Modbus RTU protocol.

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