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Reversible mounted plow with adjustable working width PNO- (2 + 1 + 1) -40/55

Sector: Agricultural Machinery & Equipment
Price: 12607.14 BYN
Full Product Information:
The plow has a right- and left-turning body, transversely included in the work during forward and reverse travel, due to which the seams are always turned in one direction and the unit operates in a shuttle way. After plowing with a smooth plowing plow, the leveling of the soil surface is improved. Smooth plowing is convenient for seeders, combines and tractors. The advantage of a plow for smooth plowing over a conventional plow is especially noticeable when processing slopes and fields with an irregular configuration, with a slope of the field surface up to 8 degrees. The plow is aggregated with tractors: MTS 83 in two-body design and "Belarus 1221", "Belarus 1522" in three and four-body designs. Productivity for 1 hour of operational time, ha, with solid and compound dump 1.12 ..... 1.97; with a strip blade 1.28 ..... 2.19. Working speed of movement in the main operations, km / h, with solid and compound blade 7 .... 9; with a strip blade 8 ..... 10. Constructional working width of the plow, m 1.6 / 1.805 / 2.0 / 2.20. Number of bodies, pcs.: - right-handed 4 - left-handed 4 Structural width of capture of the body, mm 400/450/500/550. Structural plow weight, kg, no more than 1290. Specific fuel consumption per shift time, kg / ha, not more than 12.0

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