Iron removal station FTT MBS-

Sector: Water Treatment Equipment
Price: Contract Price
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Full Product Information:
The productivity of the station is 40-80 m³ / day (1,6-3,3 m³ / hour). The water treatment method is reagent-free with simplified aeration. Filter cycle - 48-72 hours. Filter washing is provided by purified water from the water tower, which is used to create the required pressure and store the water supply. The module of the station (2.6x2.4x4.2.2 m.) - painted metal frame from bent profiles, filling and warming the walls - “sandwich panels” 100 mm, floor - bent channels, coating - corrugated sheet. The station is equipped with ASU, a control cabinet with a modem, lighting, heating, ventilation. Filters - stainless steel tanks with a diameter of 0.56 m, working pressure up to 0.6 MPa. The strapping of the filters and the main process pipelines are made of stainless steel. The station is fully automated with the transfer of data to the control room. Operation of the station is provided at a temperature from -35ºС to +45 ºС.

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