Exterior Plywood (WBP)

Sector: Plywood
Price: Contract Price
Minimum Order: 1 truckload
Packaging: Packages tied with packing tape
Terms of Delivery: FCA
Full Product Information:
Exterior birch plywood is used in construction, car building and ship building. Board size: 1250x2500 mm, 1525x1525 mm. Thickness: 6-30 mm. Grade: III/IV, IV/IV. Emission class of formaldehyde: E1, E0.5, CARB, EPA, IKEA, ULEF.

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plywood, Format sheet: 1525х1525 mm, Thickness sheet:3-18 mm, no sanded, sanded 2 sides.
Plywood of FK grade is a sheet material, glued of three and more cut veneer fine sheets(1.5 mm thickness) having orthogonally related fibers in the adjacent layers.
Our plywood is made of tropical wood. Product of Indonesia.