Fuel briquettes

Sector: Fuel Briquettes & Pellets
Price: Contract Price
Minimum Order: 20 cubic meters
Terms of Delivery: FCA, DAP, CIF
Full Product Information:
Fuel briquettes are made of sawdust/chips of coniferous trees and wood dust of hardwood, after sanding plywood. Both types are made under high pressure pressing without adding any harmful elements. Briquettes are used as biofuel for fireplaces, boilers, baths. They burn much longer than wood and are practically smokeless, don't emit harmful elements. These properties make them popular for residential heating. Size 90x60x150 mm. Net calorific value: not less than 17 mJ kg. Humidity: not more than 8,6%. Ash content: noе more than 0,7%.

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Standard dimensions: Width 6.5 cm; Length 15 cm; Height 9 cm; All species.
Specifications: Diameter: 6-8 mm; Length: 10-60 мм; All species.
Qualitative characteristics of peat fuel briquettes brand BT-1: Dimensions: 40 x 70 x 180; Ash content: 8.5%; Humidity: 12.1%; Mass fraction of total sulfur: 0.234%; The lowest working heat of combust...