Cryomezo complex

Sector: Beauty & Personal Care
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Active Ingredients: Pentavitin® deeply moisturizer the skin and retains moisture for 72h, reduces skin flaking and tightness, makes skin soft and smooth, and creates shiny healthy look. * the effect is achieved after 1 month, the effectiveness is proven by DSM Switzerland. Optim Hyal ™ stimulates the synthesis of hyaluronic acid, restores its optimal balance, increases skin hydration, increases its elasticity, density and firmness, smoothes wrinkles and reduces imperfections. Matrixyl Synthe 6 is a bio mimetic peptide that increases the synthesis of collagen types I, III and IV, resulting in a reduction of forehead wrinkles by up to 31% *, crow's feet by up to 21.1% *. ** the effect is achieved after 2 months, the effectiveness is proven by Sederma France.

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