Sector: Veterinary Medicines & Instruments
Price: Contract Price
Packaging: The product is packed in polymeric containers of 500 and 1000 ml, polyethylene cans of 5, 10, 20, 25 liters or in another container.
Full Product Information:
Means "Mamisan" is intended for treatment of udder teats after milking. The product is ready to use and does not require additional dilutions. Immediately after milking, the udder should be washed with water, wiped dry with a napkin or a clean cloth, and the udder nipple should be dipped in a plastic cup containing Mamisan. A protective film forms on the nipple skin within 20 minutes, which prevents microorganisms from entering the nipple canal and has a detrimental effect on pathogenic microflora. Before milking, the udders of cows must be washed with water to remove the skin. After finishing the udder treatment of cows on the farm, the top of the plastic cup should be rinsed in water after each milking. It is not allowed to pour unused leftovers from the glass into the container with the product. The preparation contains glycerin, lactic acid, allantoin, carboxymethylcellulose, dye, water.

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Active ingredients – meloxicam, silver dispersion. Antimicrobial, local anesthetic and anti-inflammatory effect. A short waiting period restrictions for meat and milk.
The drug is used to treat cows and goats, patients with clinical and subclinical mastitis, as well as for the treatment of dogs, cats with otitis, disorders of the integrity of the skin, dermatitis.