A pasteurizer

Sector: Agricultural Machinery & Equipment
Price: from 2000 to 6500 USD
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A pasteurizer is a device that destroys the microflora of raw milk without boiling. The process of product disinfection while preserving its taste and nutritional qualities is called pasteurization. OPERATING PRINCIPLE OF THE PASTEURIZER The principle of operation of the equipment is based on the fact that milk is in its chamber in continuous motion. The product is exposed to high temperatures. The time and temperature of pasteurization depends on the selected mode. The process takes up to 30 minutes at 63–90 °C. The industry also offers disinfecting devices using: infrared or ultraviolet radiation; ultrasound. The stationary pasteurizer for milk, in which the liquid is exposed to high temperatures, is the most widely used device. Its advantages are ease of use and lack of high costs to achieve the desired effect. The heating of the liquid to the specified temperature is provided by the passage of hot water through the heat exchange jacket of the device. The motor drives the agitator, the liquid is continuously mixed and evenly warmed up. The process ensures the death of most microorganisms. To destroy the remaining bacteria, the product is cooled by delivery of cold water instead of hot water. When choosing a long-time program, free cooling is used for half an hour. The result of the correct operation of the equipment is the production of pure milk, suitable for the manufacture of dairy products. During the purification process, the chemical composition and structure of the product should not change. TYPES OF MILK PASTEURIZERS FOR CALF REARING Pasteurizers are classified according to the following criteria: by the type of working chamber (tubular, lamellar, closed, open); by the method of exposure (thermal, ultrasonic, with ultraviolet and infrared radiation); by design (one-, two- and multi-section). USE OF PASTEURIZERS The equipment is used in production of drinking milk and dairy products in industrial or family enterprises. Also, these devices are necessary at large cattle breeding enterprises for organizing artificial calf-rearing. The Milk Taxi is a pasteurizer with a cooler. The unit disinfects milk intended for feeding young stock. It is hermetically sealed, re-contamination with microorganisms does not occur. With such an organization of feeding, calves are protected against infectious diseases. The price of milk pasteurizers depends on the set of functions and configuration.

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