Organo-mineral raw materials for the preparation of drilling fluids

Sector: Mining, Well Drilling Machinery & Accessories
Price: Contract Price
Packaging: 1.up to 25 kg in polyethylene bags; 2. up to 1000 kg in soft polypropylene containers (Big-Bag); 3. other weight and type of packaging as agreed with the customer.
Terms of Delivery: on agreement of the parties
Full Product Information:
Organo-mineral raw materials (OMS) intended for use in the composition of drilling fluids in the development of wells in oil and gas fields. The production of OMS is carried out in accordance with TU BY 190334809.002-2019 "Organo-mineral raw materials for the preparation of drilling fluids". In the manufacture of OMC, organic and siliceous sapropel is used from the Udkhovda deposit, Pruzhany district, Brest region. Mass fraction of moisture: 25-55%. Ash content: no more than 22%. Granulometric composition (particles larger than 2 mm): no more than 20%. Mass fraction of sand fraction with a particle size of more than 0.1 mm: no more than 4%. Mass fraction of dispersible particles (in terms of dry matter): not less than 78%. In July 2020, OMC produced by ALC "AGROSEMPRODUKT" successfully passed the procedure of homologation (approval) of RUE "PO" Belorusneft ".

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