Road controller for the coordinated traffic lights BDKL-2

Sector: Traffic Management Facilities
Price: Contract Price
Minimum Order: 1
Terms of Delivery: According to the contract
Full Product Information:
The control of traffic lights and other equipment installed at the traffic lights assets ensures the traffic control and safety. BDKL-2 road controller is manufactured in 16 versions of the electric circuit defining the number of power circuits and availability of МСК-4Н module. Operating temperature range, ° С from -40 to +50 Relative humidity (without mandatory heating or ventilation), % Up to 98±2, (35°С) Power line voltage (frequency 50±1 Hz), V 230±23 Consumed power without loading, W Up to 50 Number of independently controlled power circuits for connection of traffic light lamps (specified by a design style) 16,32, 48, 64,80,96,112,128 Current of one power circuit - maximum, А - minimum controlled power circuit current, mA 2 10 Weight (with a cabinet), kg (without a cabinet), kg Up to 83 Up to 29 Overall dimensions (with a cabinet), mm 606x1270x380 Average lifetime (years) 10 Performed functions - galvanic decoupler to control (test) of power circuits from a power line; - protection of output power circuits against a short circuit with automatic traffic lights shutdown; - monitoring of lamps blowing (breakage); - detection of “red” and “green” lights conflict with automatic traffic lights shutdown; - monitoring of power circuits locking between each other. Features & Benefits - quantity of the controlled traffic phases is up to 32; - quantity of traffic directions is up to 60; - the quantity of serviceable sensors and detectors has been increased up to 64; - reading of the controller settings data from an external flash drive; - recording of the controller settings data to an external flash drive; - saving of a crossroad certificate in PDF format; - adjustable switch of programs by taking into account holidays (including religious holidays) - centreless coordination including the mode: master-slave; - availability of a built-in engineering module; - flexible distribution and setup of the increased number of power channels (up to 128); - low minimum controlled electric current in each power channel is up to 10mА allowing connection and control of LED charging (up to 3 W); - generation of info signals at an alarm pedestrian panel (wait, go and etc.); - the possibility to apply as follows as transport detectors: induction, coil (loop), infrared, radar, video and wireless detectors; - possibility to synchronize the watch upon GPS signals; - possibility to connect and control a road controller by using wire (Start, Ethernet) and wireless channels of the automated traffic control system (GSM).

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