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Fibrous-porous GRIFTEX PTFE material

Sector: Substances & Materials
Price: Contract Price
Minimum Order: 1 m2
Packaging: Polyethylene bag, carton box
Terms of Delivery: FCA, CPT, DAP
Full Product Information:
Unique alternative laser method of PTFE processing is developed in MPRI NASB which allows obtaining fibroporous material. It is produced in the form of voluminous cotton-like material and felt.The material consists of short fibers with an average diameter of 10-15 µm and a length of 0.2 ... 2 mm. The porosity is 85-90%, the specific gravity is 300 ... 400 kg /m3. «GRIFTEX» keep all the outstanding properties of the virgin PTFE: resistance to concentrated acids, alkali and organic solvents, UV light, wide range of operation from –196 to +260°C. The material is extremely hydrophobic and lyophilic. «GRIFTEX» is used as a filter material in the manufacture of various filtering equipment operating in air and liquid media, wet and dry gases, in vacuum. Due to excellent bioinertness fibro-porous PTFE is appreciated as surgical material with specific properties. «GRIFTEX» was successfully tested as skeleton material for soft tissue plastic surgery, as modificator of bowel obturator, and for production of sorption-drainage system in treatment of festering wounds.

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