Superfluvis antifrictional PTFE composite

Sector: Products from Polymer Materials
Price: Contract Price
Minimum Order: 1 pc.
Packaging: Polyethylene bag, carton box, wooden package
Terms of Delivery: FCA, CPT, DAP
Full Product Information:
"Superfluvis" PTFE composite is designed for the manufacture of parts of critical friction units: sealing elements of compressor and pumping equipment, sliding bearings, ball valves, which are operated in air and liquid media, including aggressive ones, in the temperature range from -196 to + 280°C. «Superfluvis» is a high-performance PTFE composite filled with optimized content of modified carbon fiber & additives that developed especially for high pressure-velocity applications and harsh environments. It represents the new generation of filled PTFE composites which ensures high service life-times and enhanced mechanical properties with very low wear in heavy-duty applications in wide operational temperature range of -196....+280 0C, while keeping an outstanding chemical resistance. "Superfluvis" successfully works both in gas and liquids, in chemical aggressive environments and vacuum, at cryogenic and elevated temperatures and practically does not wear out the metal counterpart. Modified carbon fibers in «Superfluvis» compound provides an increase in the contact area of the surface of the filler and the PTFE matrix, improving their technological compatibility and adhesive interaction. Thereby, «Superfluvis» have increased density, thermal conductivity, physical-mechanical and tribotechnical characteristics. The material is supplied in the form of semi-finished parts: rods and bushings with an outer diameter up to 950 mm.

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