GRIF series filter elements

Sector: Filtration Equipment
Price: Contract Price
Minimum Order: 1 pc.
Packaging: Polyethylene bag, carton box
Terms of Delivery: FCA, CPT, DAP
Full Product Information:
GRIF series filter elements are complex multi-layer fibrous-porous design with a porosity gradient and are made of several polymer layers, including the unique fibrous-porous PTFE microfibers "GRIFTEKS". Using of advanced filter materials manufacturing technologies allows to produce high-performance filter elements for various filtration systems with minimal hydraulic resistance, high filtration ratings and high dirt holding capacity, which are resistant to aggressive media and chemicals. Due to special design solutions, filtering elements "GRIF" exclude the formation of secondary aerosols. Combined "GRIF" series filter elements are designed to remove compressed air and process gases from aerosol (water, oil) and dispersed particles. It is possible to use filter elements for capturing acid aerosols, drying liquids. Operating temperature of basic filter elements is up to + 85 °С, heat-resistant versions - up to 250 °С

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