split butterfly valve

Sector: Valve Equipment
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Packaging: plywood case
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Split butterfly valve, ab valve, αβ Valve -Conventional (Patent for invention technology) Containment transfer technology Fast and secure transfer for large quantities Containment Economic solution Split butterfly valve (Alpha Beta valve), is made up of an active and a passive split valve. The transfer of material from one container to another container is being carried on sealing condition, and the sterile material transfer process guarantees the sterile situation won't be destroyed or avoid being spread of the powder, toxic materials in the container. αβ valve -Conventional don't set isolation valve inlet and outlet, can't clean/sterilizer two discs exposed faces in place. People can wash and sterilization the exposed face by manual work to reach the normative requirement of material transfer. Technical Parameter - Valve disc surface sealing by metal to metal -Body material: 316L stainless steel -Sealing material: food grade FKM (meet FDA) -Standard clamp interface, accept customized corresponding connection -Outside of container operate valve switch and product transfer -Comply with the new version of GMP, FDA, EU production requirements Purpose of use a. Protection of sterile product-Guarantee transfer process of sterile product avoiding being effected by outside microbe b. Operator protection- Avoiding leakage of toxic materials during transfer process which is harmful for people c. Eliminate loss of product yield during transfer d. Effective dust control during transfer process e. Reduce the potential of product cross-contamination f. Save the cost on equipment

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