Hydrogen Peroxide Sterilizer

Sector: Laboratory Equipment
Price: 14000 USD
Minimum Order: 1
Packaging: plywood case
Terms of Delivery: exw
Full Product Information:
Hydrogen Peroxide Sterilizer, Hydrogen Peroxide Fogging system Type: SV-06, SV-08 Design for room sterilization. SV series Hydrogen peroxide sterilizer applies low concentration hydrogen peroxide fogging combined with high frequency and high pressure ionizarion technology to carry on room sterilization. Hydrogen peroxide produces free OH- during the process, which causes oxidative damage to cell components, thus achieving the purpose of eliminating bacteria. This instrument specially designed for sterilization in enclosed spaces such as hospital, isolation room and clean rooms. There is also coming new types for isolator, transfer cabinet, blending machine,small clean room, split butterfly valve, etc. It can be used to conduct online sterilization of RABS on filling line as well. Feature 1. Security: SS body material, easy to clean and maintenance. Under the room temperature and atmospheric pressure, non-toxic, no residue. Delay start up function. 2. Unique spray design: guarantee gas uniform distribution. SV-08: the head can be rotated at 360degree, and the nozzle angle can be adjusted at 60 degree. SV-06: can be matched with a rotating platform to achieve all-round spray. 3. Fast: Fast sterilization cycle, cost-effective. 4. Effective: Hydrogen peroxide has excellent material compatibility (device, electronic components and building materials), much easier to do verification. 5. Wide use: broad-spectrum bactericidal effect, it is applicable to sterilize fungi, bacteria, viruses and spores. Technical parameter 1. Power supply: AC 220V/50Hz 2. Injection rate :0-18ml/min. (SV-06)/0-20ml/min.(SV-08) 3. Loading bottle: 1L,translucency pp bottle with scale line 4. Sterilizing agent: 7.5% hydrogen peroxide solution (non-explosive) 5. Killing rate: the ability to kill stearothermophilus spores reaches 6-Log Application Biological Safety Lab Hospital ward and ICU Hospital Bacteria Control Clean rooms, CDC, School, etc.

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