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MAVIT is an advanced PEMF Therapy Device for the cure of chronic prostatitis and prostate adenoma, by the means of pulsed magnetic field and soft vibration massage Can be used either in hospitals or at home, upon recommendation of your doctor. Magnetic field relieves inflammation, pain and swelling; improves blood circulation and regenerates prostate tissue; Vibration helps to improve your prostate health and increase the tone of pelvic floor muscles, relieves symptoms of irritation of the lower urinary tract. Heat ensures patient’s comfort during the treatment. As a treatment method of chronic prostatitis and prostate adenoma , MAVIT enables to: Remove inflammation of the prostate gland; Relieve painful urination (dysuria) and restore bladder function, stop urinating at night; Reduce prostate size and regenerates prostate tissue; Increase safety effect and effectiveness of medical types of the therapy. As a treatment method of erectile dysfunction, MAVIT enables to: Improve potency and increase sex time in bed for men; Relieve painful ejaculation. Restores normal orgasm in men; Overcome erectile dysfunction and get a harder erection; Ensure psychological comfort and self-confidence. Treatment method: The device provides complex therapy on the prostatic gland: by means of PEMF and vibrating massage; Procedure is being conducted once a day per 30 minutes. Treatment course – 7-9 procedures; The procedure does not require medical education. The therapy can be performed by the patient himself. The device may be used both in combination with medical drugs, prescribed by your doctor, and in monotherapy. The Delivery set: Power supply unit - 1 piece; Probe* - 1 piece; Operating Manual - 1 piece. * Upon your request, the probes may be supplied separately, provided that they have passed the acceptance tests as part of the device.

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