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FEYAFEYA is at-home PEMF Therapy Device which is manufactured for the treatment of virus respiratory infections and its side effects by means of warm. Note: The treatment by means of healing is recommended to be hold upon doctor’s advice. Heat treatment provides gentle and targeted action for the reduction inflammatory swelling in the nasopharynx. The method of therapy unclogs your nose, makes breathing easier and helps to soothe your sore throat. By providing effect of «warm compress» (heating) on infected area, FEYA «kills» germs and viruses, preventing them from spreading across the human body. The use of FEYA PEMF Therapy Device helps to: Create an effective local thermal effect which «kills» germs and viruses; Treat nasopharyngeal inflammation and reduce nose swelling; Stop throat irritation and sooth your sore throat; Restore nasal breathing and regain your sense of smell naturally; Boost your immune system; Potentiate the therapeutic effect of medicinal drugs. How it works: In the period of infectious disease outbreaks, heating up of nasal cavity, holding 2 - 3 times in a day for 15 – 20 minutes, can reduce a possibility for entrance and spreading of bacteria through the human body. So the device is an effective way for the prevention from getting the cold and flu. If a person has got the first signs of the flu, you’d better isolate him / her and start the treatment of the patient, combining «warming up therapy» by FEYA with giving an increased fluid intake to the patient. By providing deep heating aimed at the target area of the human body, FEYA «kills» harmful microorganisms, preventing them from spreading across the human body. The viruses are inactivated as the result of locally-targeted and thermal effect caused by temperature in 40-42°С (104-107, 6°F) and provided by FEYA.

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