Hookah tobacco

Sector: Alcoholic Beverages & Tobacco Products
Price: from 9 to 22 USD
Minimum Order: 100 kg
Packaging: pack and jars
Terms of Delivery: FCA Grodno
Full Product Information:
«Maldiva» line is made on the basis of Virginia Gold tobacco which in combination with the natural ingredients provides a smooth strength of the product, its optimal level of smoke and heat resistance. Mono flavour and mixes of the «Maldiva» line are characterized by a rich and natural taste transfer. The range of hookah tobacco «Maldiva» was highly appreciated by experts in the shisha industry of both the external and internal markets. Thus, the harmonious combination of natural ingredients and exquisite flavors of the «Maldiva» line will satisfy the stringent demands and provide a high-quality hookah tobacco smoking process.

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