Dried Passion Fruit

Sector: Refrigerators & Freezers
Price: 6.91 USD
Minimum Order: 100
Packaging: Carton
Full Product Information:
Dried passion fruit is a unique and healthy snack that we offer with many benefits to enjoy. Unlike most dried fruits, passion fruit has a soft and chewy texture that makes it a low-calorie, low-sugar snack that is great for a healthy diet. It is also rich in fiber and Vitamin C, which help promote healthy weight loss. In addition to being a great snack, dried passion fruit has many other benefits. The first benefit is that passion fruit has a higher vitamin content than most other fruits. This means it’s a great option for those looking to get the most out of their diet. The second benefit is that it’s low in sugar, making it a great choice for people looking to cut their sugar intake. A third benefit is that it has a unique flavor, making it a great addition to salads and other dishes. FruitBuys Vietnam is a leading producer of dried passion fruit made from fresh passion fruit rind. Unlike other dried fruit manufacturers, we ensure the food safety of our products by using modern production lines and marinating our products with passion fruit juice to preserve their flavor. natural taste. Our dried passion fruit is a healthy and nutritious snack option for everyone. No added sugar and gluten-free, this is a great choice for those on a strict diet or those trying to lose weight. In addition, our dried fruit is also a vegan snack and is free of preservatives, sulfites and GMOs. This makes them a great choice for all types of health-conscious diets. At FruitBuys Vietnam, we also offer a variety of other dried fruits such as papaya, banana, mango, jackfruit, dragon fruit, banana and pineapple. All of our products are heat-fried to retain their crispiness and have a shelf life of 9-12 months. We also offer sugar-free and low-sugar varieties to suit different dietary requirements. As professional dried fruit wholesale exporter, we guarantee fast shipping, great taste and high profit margin. In addition, our customer service team is always available to provide customs clearance assistance and free samples. If you are an import-export company, fruit barn owner or dried fruit factory, FruitBuys Vietnam can provide you with a wide selection of quality dried fruit at wholesale prices and response time. quick response. Similarly, if you are an Amazon business, small online business, restaurant owner or resort owner, FruitBuys Vietnam is the perfect supplier for you. So, don’t hesitate to choose FruitBuys Vietnam as your premium supplier today and enjoy healthy snacks that are preservative-free, sulfur-free and non-GMO.

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