Crunchy Lotus Root Chips

Sector: Soft Drinks
Price: 18.6 USD
Minimum Order: 100
Packaging: Carton
Full Product Information:
Crispy Dried Lotus Root Slices naturally harvested fresh. The delicious, smooth, crispy, light and tender slices will be delivered directly to your hand from our factory to your home. The natural sweetness is supported by a hint of saltiness, which adds a new dimension to texture and flavour. That’s why FruitBuys Crispy Dried Lotus Root can be enjoyed by anyone who loves healthy and nutritious food. Crispy Dried Lotus Root Sliced , Juicy and Delicious Taste! The taste of lotus root shaken through the palate is addictive. Selection of the highest quality, finest and most nutritious Crispy Dried Lotus Root. – Achieve high nutritional value, satisfy delicate palates. Dried fruits soft and rich in flavor – High fiber content, fully chewable – Long shelf life and no preservatives – FruitBuys The first and best Crispy Dried Lotus Root brand In the world. Vietnamese cuisine is one of the most diverse in the world. Vietnam is an ideal location for agriculture and agriculture. Each region of Vietnam produces a variety of high-quality foods with local flavors. The taste of Vietnamese food has five basic flavors: sweet, salty, spicy or hot, sour, and bitter. Lotus root is one of the main ingredients in Vietnamese cuisine. The lotus is a symbol of purity in heaven, good luck, longevity and prosperity. Lotus root is a healthy snack for children and adults; It is rich in protein and it can be cooked in many ways. It is served with different dipping sauces: fish sauce, soy sauce, pickled vegetables and salad. Crispy Dried Lotus Root Slices is served as a snack or appetizer

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