Jaw crusher SDS-1.5/2.5 (SMD 115)

Sector: Machinery, Equipment & Automatic Processing Lines
Price: from 976800 to 2000000 RUR
Terms of Delivery: not included in the price.
Full Product Information:
The fields of application of the SDS 1.5/2.5 jaw crusher are very diverse – it is the mining, processing, metallurgical and chemical industries, it is perfect for crushing brick production waste, as well as in laboratories at quarries where prepared raw materials are required, crushed to an acceptable fraction. Of the advantages of the SDS-1.5/2.5, it is possible to distinguish ease of operation, unpretentiousness to weather conditions, the ability to use it together with crushing complexes, and the specifics of the design makes the maintenance of the crusher simple and not expensive. Do not forget that for one stage of crushing it is possible to obtain a product with a size from 5mm to 40mm. And this is not a complete list of the advantages of the SDS-1.5/2.5 jaw crusher.

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