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Unrefined Rapeseed Oil, grade «T» unpacked, E-1 (P)

Sector: Biofuel
Price: 1280 USD
Packaging: unpacked
Terms of Delivery: FCA
Full Product Information:
Unrefined Rapeseed Oil, grade «T» unpacked, E-1 (P) According to the tested indicators corresponds to: STB 1486-2004 and grade "T". Date of production 23.09.2022 - 12.10.2022. Laboratory Control Results: Transparency: light opacity. Color number, mg iodine: 100. Acid number, mg KOH/g: 5,70. Mass fraction of non-fat impurities, %: 0,20. Mass fraction of moisture and volatile substances, %: 0,09. Mass fraction of phosphorus-containing substances, in terms of stearooleocytin, %: 1,2. Peroxide number, ½ O mmol/kg: 2,5. Net weight, kg: 348 960.

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