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The scope of application of the dissolver as a mixer is diverse: so, for example, in the food industry they are used to create pastes of sauces, in the chemical industry to obtain paint and varnish materials, adhesives, in the pharmaceutical industry to create medicines based on oils, etc. Depending on the medium and mixing purposes, the dissolver can be like with a high-speed (its speed reaches up to 1500 rpm. / min. in some cases up to 3000 rpm), and with a slow-moving (frame, anchor) agitator. A dissolver with a frame impeller is designed to eliminate the sticking of material on the walls and bottom of the container and to maintain the raw materials in a homogeneous state. The device of the paint dissolver can be both mobile and stationary (fixed not only on the floor but also on the wall). In the first case, a movable mechanism with fixation is installed on the lower supports of the dissolver, which allows it to be mobile and, if necessary, it can be moved to stationary containers. In the stationary version, movable supports are installed on the tank itself. You can buy a standard configuration dissolver from us at the manufacturer's price, or order a project of mixing equipment of individual design.

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